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Introducing Eddie + Louis

IMG_2980Hey everyone. I know it’s been a while, but my book is due this week and I’m stressed about it, so looking for calming effects, and so am editing photos I took of my guinea pigs. They’re father and son, so we named them Edward Jenner and Louis Pasteur. (Eddie + Louis) They’re rescues from the Queensland Guinea Pig Refuge. Highly recommend.

I GOT A BOOK DEAL!!! + I’m doing the Sydney Story Factory “Pen to Paper Challenge”

My first book Eggshell Skull will be published by Allen & Unwin in early 2018, and to get started I’m taking part in Sydney Story Factory’s “Pen to Paper Challenge”. Over the month of September I’ll be writing 10,000 new words of Eggshell Skull and selecting four new contributions for Issue #2 of Hot Chicks with Big Brains. Hurrah!

Please make your incredibly generous charitable donations via Everyday Hero here: https://give.everydayhero.com/au/bri-lee

Hot Chicks with Big Brains: http://www.hotchickswithbigbrains.com
Sydney Story Factory’s Pen to Paper Challenge: http://www.sydneystoryfactory.org.au/pen-to-paper-challenge/

How to Write a Book: Day 16

Woke up: 6.30am

To bed: 11pm

Brushed: 2

Flossed: 0

Exercise: 30 min power walk/jog

Time spent on freelance writing: 2hrs

Time spent in a meeting for HCwBB stuff: 1hr

Time spent napping: 1hr

Time spent on MS: 0

Time spent emailing pitches for exciting new projects: 2hrs

Time spent researching for new camera purchase: 2hrs

Books started/finished: Got Helen Garner’s brand new book Everywhere I Look and started reading it. So so good.

Feels: No real time spent on MS. Had a big nap because I’m trying to get fit again and it’s physically exhausting. (Duh.) Had a super exciting meeting that means we can get cracking on a Hot Chicks with Big Brains film night. And the pitch I sent off was to Radio National so fingers crossed something about that comes back to me. I’m about to spend a stupid amount of money on a new camera so I can do videos again. (Because I lost my camera on the flight home from the USA, boooooo) But I got a little bit of insurance money for it! Yay! 😀



How to Write a Book: Day 15

Woke up: 6am

Went to bed: 11:55pm

Brushed: 2

Flossed: 1

Exercise: Yoga 60 mins

Time spent on MS: 4 hrs

Books started and finished: The Feel Good Hit of the Year by Liam Pieper (finished)

Time spent on freelance writing: 2.5 hrs

Time spent answering emails: 2 hrs

Feels: I’m so happy I broke that bad spell! I have a few thousand words now! I couldn’t just get the damn words on the page because I was too afraid to start. Anyways, the words that are coming out onto the page now are awful but at least it’s a start. I’ve caught up with my word count goals. I keep getting these headaches whenever I look at my laptop for more than two hours in a row – I think I need to see an optometrist. Liam’s book was the funniest book I’ve ever read.